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Inspired by LUXURY, MME.MINK (AKA. Jan Haedrich) established MME.MINK based on the principles of traditional European Heritage. The name “MINK” refers to, “Many Individual Niceties we Keep.” As with all things LUXURY, we hold on to them and LOVE their classic enduring style.
MME.MINK is the embodiment of this and Haedrich provides the perfect
personification of her products and brand.

Haedrich’s many years in Europe have formed her sense of style and recognition of worldly trend. Having designed for fashion houses like Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Ralph Lauren in New York and HERMÉS, Haedrich is known to have started her own brands carried in specialty stores and boutiques around the world such as Bergdorf Goodman, Stanley Korshak and Harvey Nichols in London to name a few.  Haedrich is proud to use her “JH” Monogram as a subtle representation of the HOUSE of MME. as well as for “Jan Haedrich” - a tribute to her surname.

From a very young age, Haedrich has always been interested in design and worldly affairs. Having been raised in the Midwest, Haedrich left home at the age of 16 to study in France, attended Imperial College in London and finished at Harvard, all the while with sketchbook in hand. Soon after Haedrich spent the next decade as protegé, international press showroom director and designer for LUXURY fashion houses of Europe.

“My favorite memories have been business trips from Germany to Rome’s Sistine Chapel. I was sent to study the Vatican Gallery of Maps. Breathtaking and huge 430 year old maps of Italy. They were prefect inspirations for my scarf designs.”

Today, Haedrich’s wit is signature to her style of design, signature illustrations she draws by hand and editorial expression in handbags, dresses, scarves and other HAUTE items of distinction. In the tradition of Lagerfeld, Haedrich designs every element of MME., whether it be product, illustrations, media or direction of photoshoots.

“It really is all about LIFESTYLE, not one item defines MME.”

MME.MINK gives a “Nod to LUXURY” with effortless Chic Collections that embrace SAVVY patterns, bold colors and the ever-so-MINK editorial style. Each season highlights the very latest in what Haedrich defines as essential. Timeless classics are core the Collection along with  pieces that are ever evolving.

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